Use of breath in bellydance


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No, the American one, from Indiana I believe. She taught a workshop at the IBCC in Toronto a few years ago (and was at Yasmina's Bellydance Blossom Festival that just took place there). I think she is a Bobby Farrar student and just lovely. I had no idea who she was, but when she took the stage I knew I had to find out and see if she was teaching. She's older, plump, she appeared in a costume that I didn't particularly like, in very perfunctory stage makeup, and as soon as she started to move I was mesmerised. You know how sometimes you can encounter a stranger in a dance or performance setting and see them quietly doing their thing, not being flashy or attention seeking, but you just KNOW you're seeing somebody good and you think "are they... someone famous?" Like that.


And no videos to be had, a sore disappointment indeed since she isn't likely to perform anywhere near me any time soon. How lovely that you got to see a dancer of that caliber.