VERY generous cup size beginner gold bedlah!


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For Sale - VERY large cup size beginner gold bedlah - Egyptian
Hi everyone

I ordered this bra and belt set as a custom order, but unfortunately the bra is too big for me, even with my generous chest!

I don't have a camera, but this is the exact same costume on the Isis Exchange website.


Was bought for £110 new (from Aloo Egypt on ebay), but am asking for £75 plus postage as I know they are fairly common. Also, I should probably point out that the link I have posted above makes it look like this costume can be bought very cheaply, but rest assured, the price becomes more expensive once you start ordering in cup sizes above a D!

The bra is too big for my 34G cup - it is probably more like a GG, and the back will fit from a 36 to a 40, 42 or possibly larger. I do not have the exact measurements with me at the moment, but if you are interested please email me eleanorhowlett at yahoo dot co dot uk or ask in the thread and I will happily measure anything for you. I can probably take some picture with my phone as well, but they wont be of the greatest quality!

The belt is also fairly large, but can be altered to fit a variety of hips.

This really is a beautiful costume, and looks fabulous under stage lights - all the glass beads really sparkle! I have this costume in silver and I love it! This would make an excellent beginner costume as it is inexpensive, well made and glamorous. A great all-rounder.