Video of my Performance


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Sorry, sweetie, but I just can't. One dancer's smooth move is another dancer's hot mess. There is another thread in this subforum about performance pet peeves, and it illustrates exactly what I'm talking about. Moves or props beloved by one can drive another crazy, so who's right?

You are so much better than I was at my second performance, and I really don't want to put a damper on your enthusiasm. Plus, I don't want to get in the way of your instructor. You are on your way to finding your own "dance voice", and I don't feel comfortable critiquing you. You will be a much better dancer overall if you find enjoyment in your dance than if you try to please every stranger online. Believe me, if I thought what you were doing was dangerous I would speak up.

My advice is to play - with the music, with your movements. Some things you will discover you love, and some not so much. Some things that you love now will hold less appeal in a few years. It's your journey and your style, and I'm not about to step on it. ((hugs))


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You've been dancing for 2 years and that was your first public performance. You've got potential, kid. :) (I've always wanted to say that *laughs*)

Seriously, I can't add anything to what the others said, it would just be worded differently. Our lovely Cassandra is very identifiable, but you know what? See the first sentence. In another 2 years, you will have developed your own vocab, your own movement and your own interpretation. Keep at it, you're going to be an amazing bellydancer.


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Thank you :)
that are some nice things to read before going to bed ;)

@AndreaSTL: I totally understand and appreciate your point. I just want to add, that you don't have to worry that I want to please every person online- I don't 'even' want to please everyone of my closer family (which is impossible anyway)- naturally too many different preferences and opinions, which aren't the same as mine ;) As you said, I think dancing should be something to enjoy yourself- then it is also much more entertaining for others :lol: and I LOVE it :lol:

Oh, by the way (because it has just come to my mind), there was an elder lady- she even added that she was old and therefore only said what she was truly thinking- at the birthday party and a while after my performance she came to me and told me, how much she loved it. She said that she had already seen some bellydance-performances before and to be honest she didn't like them so much, because they seemed too offensive to her. But this really changed her view about this dance and she could have watched me for hours. Plus some more adoring compliments :lol: This was really like another "boost" for me- to hear and see how happy she was about it and how much she enjoyed it, that's what I want- share my joy and passion :dance:

Happy shimmies,
Stephanie :D


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Your dance is really nice. I can feel your big joy. It made me smile!

I don't get surprised if all the little girls watching your dance start learning belly dance, too!