Voluptuous & Vivacious

One good thing about belly dancing, one has noticed, is the comfortable space it has for the voluptuous, as compared with certain other categories of dancing. It's like, in many cases, a dancer becomes even more presentable, better looking, more elegant, better liked & better accepted as she advances in her years, puts on the pounds, and gradually becomes more fulsome ... As some examples here show ...


Anna Borisova


Meital Hakimian

Paula Palomares

Farasha Hanem

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DreamHunter, there is a section of the forum to post dancer videos; it's called , "Videos." It's right above the music section. This portion is meant to discuss and learn about the different dance styles used in bellydance. Videos that relate to dance styles are welcome as long as they are on topic.

There is more to bellydance than hotness and voluptuousness. There is also technique, interpretation of the music, and emotional expression involved. Plus, this dance is not exclusive to female dancers---men perform bellydance, too. Yes, there is that element of sensuality, but your focus on the sensual side of bellydance is beginning to make some people here uncomfortable. Just saying.
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I post some vid of someone who I honestly reckon is a graceful & elegant dancer, and that makes someone uncomfortable? Oh, come on ...

BTW, I was only using using the term 'voluptuous' as a gentler, more polite, more elegant substitute to some other cruder, blunter forms. That is my understanding of the term 'voluptuous'. No more, no less. Please don't make it anything more.

As for 'Videos' section, yes, of course. I shall be using that platform more.
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Now, Farasha, don't be too hard on him; he is using elegant terminology to express devotion to female pulchritude instead of the cruder expressions of which he is surely capable.

One appreciates his cheery-lively persona and assumes as he advances in his years, he will achieve some level of maturity and become better liked and better accepted.
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Aww, many thanks for the profound understanding & moral support, Shanazel ... You've got that cool, laid back, well-versed-with-the-ways-of-world, big sister kind of persona ... Like it, like it ... :)

Can't say the same for Farasha, though, I'm afraid ... Well, not yet ... She's, well, kind of still a bit on the sensitive side, like ... Well, maybe she's still a bit young then, I guess ...:cool:
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One of my teachers kicks my tail every week - along with everyone else in the class. She then biatches about how out of shape she is...

She's 70!

I tell her "You're not doing much for our self esteem here! Just sayin..."!

Farasha Hanem

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My 28-year-old daughter is both my motivation, and my motivator. She's determined to live a healthy lifestyle---not only does she go to the gym every morning when she's home from work for three days, she hauls my sorry middle-aged patootie out of bed to go with her. She worked for years as a CNA in a nursing home, and I guess she's bound and determined that her mother will be as healthy as possible. :D