Warning!!! Dancers beware of this man!!!


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Yet once again, a man calling himself Mohamed or Nabil Rizk is trying the same old scam he’s tried before.

BEWARE! Do NOT fall for it!

He first tried it in 1997, when his BIG mistake was calling me & telling me that “X” recommended me to him - a person who would’ve rather seen me burned alive. Sure.

This “Rizk” character (he also used another last name, which escapes me at the moment) told me that he was organizing a major contest for all American “b” dancers, in a big Atlantic City hotel & was bringing Negwa Fouad & Mahmoud Reda over to teach seminars & be 2 of the contest judges. He askedme to be a judge too. He assured me that if I brought all my students, he would make sure that one of them won 1st prize. Sure.

First prize was supposed to be $5,000 & a trip to Egypt, 2nd prize was supposed to be a free roundtrip ticket to Cairo. There were more prizes, but I forget what they were. It doesn’t matter. NOBODY got anything.

I called Negwa. She said that this guy had approached her & “he didn’t feel right”. No kidding. She was most certainly NOT coming. I tried to reach Mahmoud Reda, but he was travelling.

Mr Rizk insisted that Negwa WAS coming, they were negotiating the contract. Sure. I checked. (I’m a researcher, remember?) He’d also told the hotel managers he could get hundreds of dancers there & the big spenders/ gamblers would get a night-long girlie-girlie show. Sure.

I tried to warn as many dancers as I could. A few bigger teachers told me that he’d made that same 1st prize promise he gave me. Some “contest”, eh?

The dancers who believed me stayed home, the ones who foolishly chose not to believe me, for whatever weird reasons, were put in ratty little motels in another county & NOT in the hotel where the “contest” would be, as they’d been promised. The 30-45 min. taxi ride to the hotel cost them $45 each way, each time.

Long story short: Negwa didn’t come (of course!), unfortunately Mahmoud Reda did & was never paid, neither were Yosry (or his dance group, who performed) or lovely Denise Enan, who came down from Canada at the last minute (as a big favor to Yosry) to teach in place of the never-intending-to-come Negwa Fouad. Nessma had come from Cairo to participate in the “contest”, as she had also been promised 1st prize (which she did win), but NEVER got a cent & was out the $ she paid for her roundtrip ticket FROM Cairo & her hotel expenses. The 2nd prize winner NEVER got her ticket to Cairo.

It was all a total mess of steer stool, perpetrated by a stupid scammer who though American dancers would believe any Egyptian male telling them any fairy tale…

WHY am I telling you this?

Yesterday, at about 4:30pm (NY time), my phone rang. Caller ID said the originating # was: 201-537-8687. Remember it!

The male voice says his name is Nabil Rizk & he knows that I am the most famous American “b” dancer/ teacher (I wish!) & wants me to judge a BIIIIG contest he’s going to have for American dancers. I didn’t recognize his name at first & I told him that I really don’t trust or believe in “contests” as such unless I know a LOT more about the organizers.

He says that this is a real contest & he’s calling me from Egypt. Sure. (check that phone #!)

I say: “Bull. You’re calling me from New Jersey – it’s a 201 area code.”

He says: “I have Magic Jack. I’m in Egypt. Honest.” Sure. I’m a bit of a tech freak. Jack is not THAT magic. He’s in New Jersey.

I let him think I let it slide. I ask where would it be?ATLANTIC CITY

THEN I drop my bomb: “I know you. You tried this same b.s. about 10 years ago. You tried to get me to join in then. I refused then. WHY would I change my mind now?”

HE SAYS: “IT WASN’T 10 YEARS AGO – IT WAS 1997.” “OK. 15 years. It was total bull then, it won’t be different now. You screwed over Mahmoud Reda, Nessma, Yosry, Denise Enan, all the dancers who believed you & came. I’m not interested & this conversation is over!”

I hung up on him.

Phone rings again, from 201-537-8687: “You hung up on me, but you have to listen – it was all Mahmoud Reda’s fault.” Sure.

“HOW was it Ustaz Reda’s fault? Remember, he’s a friend of mine…”

He said: “The hotel owners were very angry because he brought his girlfriend & said that she wins the contest. She was not a good dancer, but he made her win the contest so the owners were very very angry because the big gamblers didn’t get a good enough show.”

(Remember, it was Nessma, who won the contest & IS a very good dancer & was NOT Mahmoud Reda’s girlfriend!!!)

So I said: “Nessma won, she is an excellent dancer & a beautiful woman, she was NOT his girlfriend & this is WHY I do NOT take part in these sort of ‘contests’. I am hanging up now & do NOT call me back.”

IF this idiot con artist gets in touch with you, hang up on him. Skunks do not change their smell….

Sister & brother dancers, please be careful!!!

Your Aunt Rocky
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How stupid can this guy be???

Quite frankly, I'm shocked that he was SO stupid as to call ME again, after 15 years, when I told him he was full of it the 1st time around ...:naghty::naghty::naghty:


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Quite frankly, I'm shocked that he was SO stupid as to call ME again, after 15 years, when I told him he was full of it the 1st time around ...:naghty::naghty::naghty:
Sounds like his memory is not quite as good as yours!