wavy fingers


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All my teachers can make these amazing finger movements which they call (translated to english) wave fingers or wavy fingers. Without really moving their wrists or bending the fingers they just make a wavy motion. I guess it's a very common move, but I just can't get it to work. My arms are graceful and my hands are usually quite good but my fingers are just stiff in this move. I practise all the time and try to find the right muscles and technique but no result:confused: . Any tips on this would be most welcome! Thanks a lot!


I do hand undulations which produce a wave motion of the fingers but I do bend my wrist and fingers to create it. I'm not sure how you would make a wave motion without bending the fingers, can you describe the movement?


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Hi Gisela ,i think i now what you are talking about,there was a iranian teacher in a festival that i saw on tape from a old clip done from a workshop in Germany from Morocco ( You know the teacher) in that tape i saw that teacher doing it and teaching it ,but i cant remember his name...his dancing was not that great but this ,,wavy fingers,, was something realy special,perhaps you can send Morocco a mail she perhaps remembers his name...goodluck and happy dancing Lydia


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I'll try to get my teacher to show me om sunday. Maybe it's not that special. I bet all of you can do it and that it's just me that can't figure it out. Thank's for trying to understand what i meant. I'll get back to this.