We have lost Steve Irwin


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thats really sad if its been aired on TV. According to the news over here its in police custody as evidence for the coronor and there are talks of having it destroyed as they don't want it to be shown.


He's always been quite popular here in Holland

True, that's how I got to see a lot of Australia, trough his programs.

The news was very shocking, I remember half a year ago my husband got stung by a sting ray and we had to go to hospital, we heard the most scary stories of what could actually happen to you in a bad accident (my husbands' was a 'small' accident, but the effects very awful), but that it is very very rare.

What a horrible thing to happen to Steve, I feel really sorry for his familly.


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Nuts. I really liked him.

You know, he was the kind of person who was quite nutty and yet, completely endearing. He was so passionate about the environment and conservation and he truly, truly loved what he did. In my opinion, those are admirable and rare qualities in people nowdays. Even his adventuresome (and rather foolhardy) spirit had an air of bygone times. I thoroughly enjoyed his show for their entertainment and educational value. I will miss him.:(


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It was the dishwasher....

I think he was one of the only people everyone liked, even if they didn't admit it.


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Your right Sara, he was a fantastic bloke. At least he died the way that he lived - with animals firmly in his heart xx