Website hosts...and...editors?

Gia al Qamar

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Just looking for recommendations...
My simple little site which has been up and running and hosted by AOL for EVAH is locked...AOL isn't supporting their "Easy Designer" website program anymore and I can no longer do updates.
So I went to GoDaddy-dot-com who hosts my domain name and signed up for their website hosting and what looked like a fabulously easy web designer do-it-yerself package...
Great... won't work. My computer isn't letting it load...and so...5 days later, I'm still without an updatable website and I'm ready to explode.
I need advice from my belly dancing sistas (and brothers)...I need a website host at a reasonable price with an EASY to use program for construction. I don't want someone else to design it for me...I'm too TYPE-A for that...
Thank you!


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Hi Gia,

Ooo, sorry to hear about your troubles. Website issues can be super frustrating.
I'm hosted through Dotster and do my web design myself with Dreamweaver & Fireworks, so I can't give you any tips about their design programmes - although one is included in the hosting package and it looked fairly straightforward.

But since you're alreadly committed to GoDaddy, before you switch see if they have a helpline you can call to tell a tech what the problem is (e.g. the error messages displayed on your computer etc) and have them talk you through how to fix it. I had to do that with Dotster help when my antivirus program was blocking ftp access.

That's something else to check actually - whether your antivirus programs (e.g. Norton, Symantec) or firewall is messing with things loading/connecting correctly. I didn't suspect that was the problem with me, but Dotster was able to tell me over the phone that everything was working as it should on their end and the issue had to be with my computer - and we eventually narrowed it down to a conflict with a programme on my computer.

If you've already tried to sort it out with GoDaddy, then I can say Dotster has been really good for me, helpful etc although their webmail leaves a bit to be desired, and I haven't tried their page builder.

Good luck!

Gia al Qamar

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Thank you!

Shokran...I appreciate your feedback and suggestions!
I've already arranged for a full refund from just wasn't loading on my PC and I now have a serious time constraint (30 days) and don't have the time to try more 'solutions'. 8(
I will definately take a peek at the site that you suggested! Thank you so much!!!