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i think proper weight is ok,but too fat is not ok :D . too fat will make you cannot move quickly and freedom.there would gain lots of upset to you .

i dont think so. i used to have a teacher from school who's overweight but is able to play basketball swiftly... or should i say he's one of our school's best basketball player for his age & weight, on speed n agility is on par even with our physical education teachers.

BUT, the individual must be happy about his/her weight/size to feel good and confident. :) however in my country (Singapore), most/some women here are going after size zero like e women from the states. :(

i'm a 5ft 3, weighing about 140 lbs. though i'd really want to loose that 20 lbs esp. from my elephant thighs , but i can never imagine myself in size zero... *ugh*


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I personally prefer watching male dancers that are on the more fit/lean side- it's just what attracts my eye. Of course skill is most important, but I find that when you can see the muscle contours of the stomach during a performance it's more pleasing to look at.

ah, I'm just the opposite. I think that guys who have some extra weight on them look amazing, in general and especially while dancing. I'm generally not very drawn to male dancers simply because most of the ones I've seen are quite lean and you can see all their muscles and I'm really not a fan of that look on guys. But, to each his or her own! :)

There are many diverse opinions on what people like physically about belly dancers, which is partly what I like about it- there is room to be different.

agreed! the sheer variety from one dancer to another makes it so interesting to watch. Things would be quite dull if every dancer looked, dressed, and moved the same way.

To the OP, if you are still around and lurking on these boards, how have you been? any updates? :)
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One thing I do understand about belly dancing, is that all body shapes and sizes are accepted, and although some like to create pseudo rules, I say, look to the regions of origin and with that, notice the different perception the originators have towards body size. My experience is, in parts of Africa and the Middle East, the larger is often perceived as the more desirable.

But we in the west are guilty of promoting so many lies, why, because we are insecure ?

But, as to your desire to perhaps lose weight, first you have to ask, is it for yourself, or for others, and if for yourself, where you influenced and are you happy with the desire, I mean totally and truly happy, if so, go for it.

As to losing weight, well, my understanding is the body through correct nutrition and exercise naturally takes up it's own stable shape and size, so my answer, is eat to dance and dance and see what is natural for you, for your body will decide and when it does, you will be at your best.


It’s so easy to put on weight without noticing it, or not being concerned when you do. Its only when you do something you used to do before that weight gain that you realise how your condition has changed – be it dancing, playing sport, wearing an old suit, or just picking something off the floor!
Don't do things just because your friends agree or disagree with it. It’s your body and you need to feel comfortable with yourself. But if you lose that weight, and you are still not happy, then something’s not right. There are so many pressures to fit into an "ideal" type, and it can be hard to know whose being more influenced - you or your friends.
As long as losing weight doesn't become an eating disorder, then go for it.


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after taking bellydance lessons, it changes me to be a more confident and happier person, so i'm no longer weight/size conscious which i used to be... :D:D


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yes yes!!! i used not to wear sleeveless and dresses in the past. but now, i'm wearing more dresses than i used to!! not those super short ones, just those knee/slightly above knee length.

for sleeveless clothes or tubes, i used to avoid them due to my arms. But now, i'm super thankful for having nice and broad shoulders due to swimming since i was 4, that i'm able to have a hourglass figure with my big hips & thighs. One of my girlfriends even said she's so envy of my broad shoulders... :p