What do you dance with

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Farasha Hanem

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We're learning how to dance with veils, but I also want to learn how to dance with zills, wings, and swords, maybe even the Shamadan.


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do any of you dance with a sword,caine,snake,wings of Isis,veil?

I am quite tempted to try out the caine,I saw a lebanese girl dancing with the caine when I first gained interest to dance,and she realy blew me away,absalutely stunning.

Veils is my favourite, still learning though, I do simple zilling, but it doesn't gell with me so well. I am about to start learning to dance with the cane. It should be fun.


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Cane is cool! A weapon I can hardly handle, but I love the cheekiness it brings out! Still have trouble hanging onto the thing, and watch out anyone who comes close to me.... A good defensive weapon methinks..


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I do veil (though I'd like to get better at the Am Cab style and double veil, my style is more Arabic/Egyptian veil) - Isis wings, cane, and zills. I've done fire tray and sword, but those really didn't feel right. Apparently I have a pointed head and I don't balance objects well. I'd like to try shemadan if I can find a good one.

Oh, and I'm working on poi so I can do veil poi.
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I've danced with zills and a veil. I love snakes and even tried dancing with my friends baby boa. She held on with the tip of her tail and placed her head on my breast! She is only three and a half feet long but heavy none the less!:lol:
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