What kind of belly dancer are you?

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I expected cabaret, but I got American Tribal! Anyway that's no problem because I am a bit in between those two.


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I always wanted to do caberet but i suppose you cannot deny the GODDESS within......
now i just need to tell ny ex he passed up a goddess lol...


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"You are a Goth Belly Dancer! Clad in black and spinning the night away at the clubs, you find that Arabic music and goth dancing just go together. The ethnic police don't know what to make of you, but you've always found yourself a little outside of the norm, anyway. Snakes, fire and swords often find their way into your routine, and you wouldn't have it any other way. See you at Burning Man!"

Eh, sometimes. I also do Turkish and American Tribal. Am I the only goth dancer so far?

Sara Abou Farhat

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I'm a 6%! ;)
"You are a Folkloric Belly Dancer! In fact, we can't even call you a belly dancer -- you prefer the term Raks Sharki or Oriental Danse. Your choreographies are spot on authentic and your costumes are the real deal. You wouldn't dream of doing a Saudi step in a Ghawazee dress. A card-carrying member of the ethnic police, you keep the rest of us in line -- the debke line, that is!"

Spot on!:D & VERY interesting!

Any other 6%'ers out there?

Happy dancing,
Sara Abou Farhat
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too cute...(the quiz.. but all of you too!) yes I admit it... I am a caberet dancer!! (that is why I am "belly_dancer" & not "Middle Eastern Dance Artiste"):lol:

Tarik Sultan

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What Kind Of Dancer Are You?


Just kidding. It says I'm a Cabaret dancer, but thats because I could only choose one answer from each category, and many of them didn't apply to me at all. I'm really a combination of folkloric, "Cabaret", (I prefere the term nightclub) and Classical Oriental dancer. I wear many hats.


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I know it anyway, but now is official, I am a Goddess, this is not the first time I have take this quiz, this is my third time, I keep doing it to see if I get a diferent result, because what I do better is balancing objets in my head, how come I ended up being something that require a veil?::confused: Marie


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If I could be my own belly dancer kind I'd be pancake tasting, with sugar and lemon. I wunt be chocolate cause I'd just eat my self. At least with Pancakes there's only so many you can have.


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I got Folkloric Dancer. I don't actually do a lot of folkloric stuff, but my interest in the dance mostly comes from a totally nerdy academic interest in Middle Eastern culture, so in a way it's accurate -- I spend more time reading and writing about belly dance than I do actually dancing!

I'm a little bit of everything, actually. I love dancing Gothic, Tribal, Classic Egyptian, and Modern Egyptian -- and ok, I dance AmCab sometimes too, even though I whine about it. :) And I like to watch a good Lebanese style dancer, but there wasn't even an option for that!


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what style bellydancer you are?

I am a classic Egyptian belly dancer!! Yeah! I love the match I got. It is Samia Gamal!!! I have a long way to go. Atleast now I am inspired to work towards it. Thanks for posting the link Salome!



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I expected folkloric too, or cabaret, but I got:

You are a Classic Belly Dancer. Your idol is Samia Gamal, and you long for the days of the Cairo greats. You're saving up for your first Madame Abla, and after that it will only be a matter of time before you star in your first Cecil B. DeMille style epic choreography. Your one regret is that the photographer they hired for your student recital wouldn't shoot you in black and white.

How eerie -- I was thinking about doing press shots in black and white...

But I already have an Abla. (Grin) Second-hand, but it's still an Abla.
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