What's the point?


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well perhaps we could thank 'gobbledegook' for reviving an interesting discussion? ;)

I think the point of training is about setting yourself goals and standards.

I have nothing against training courses as long as the content is aimed at people who are ready to take them and they are able to judge the quality of what is on offer.

If people are not able to make this assessment themselves then they should not think about teaching in the first place.

I set myself goals and targets and spend my money wisely, this works for me.

I tend not to worry about what others are doing these days as it is rather pointless. It was a concern years ago when there was less dancers around and most public opinion believed these to be the real deal.

You just have to continue with moving forward and being active in your community and show people there is an alternative.

Audiences may not be dancers themselves but they often know a good dancer when they see one, especially if they have others to compare and contrast with.


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there are a lot of issues like this.. I hear a lot about people that have hard ly any experiance and they wantt o teach and be pros... some of them even try to get jobs (i wil lnot name names here becaus eim not that kind of person) but they have 1 year - 1.5 years of experiance... one girl i knew tried to get a job at a middle easter restaurant and told that she dressed too revieling..she messed up and ran away from the audition came to class complaining any the instructor found o ut form another student and she was upset that the girl did this when she is far from ready and she never practices..(she admitted it too)

there are many stories like that out there.. I will admit I have been told by others that they would pay to see me dance that i should get a restaurant gig. or be a teacher, start my own school and yeah I have been told by instructors that it comes naural to me... but you know I'm not proud of it... because then I feel like people dont think I work hard for it and I DO(i practice a least an hour a day and 3-4 hours on weekends or durring vacation time)!(been dancing only 2 years) Im not even foolish enough to go out and get a job as a dancer because i know there is LOTS to learn, not only dance but musical (rythems and sagat and such), and cultural, traditional... lots more!

so I just dont see where these people are comming form...I dont even totally believe in certification either mostly because its something that develops after a loong time after LOTS of practice Lots of different teachers.... so natural or not doesn mean you know everything. People like that make it hard to teach real dance to others because they gie out wron info too...

sigh.. sorry for ranting.. things like this get me fired up quick. but im determind that if i want to be a pro dancer or instructor some day ... I'm going to take the time to learn and do it right...

Ruby C :D


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Hey Ruby~>3,

I understand what you say, and do agree with you, but I see much of society now, as people who want to be a big success instantly, they want to be discovered and there rise to stardom, they believe it is easy thanks to television media, all it takes, is for them to get out there. But, as many who have risen to stardom may say, it was a long hard slog to get where they are and they have suffered many hardships in the process. Maybe it is many that have made it, it happened by chance, the right place at the right time and the right influence. The reality is , there is no easy path, if stardom is what you want.

Dance because you like it, do it because you enjoy it, what comes after, in the future who is to know, but, with dedication and purity, you stand more chance than many and may shine brighter longer than media inspired flashes in the pan.

Perhaps to offer a cynical view of media inspired stardom, they are what they are because the moguls of media saw they could make money out of the use of others.