What's yur CLAIM 2 FAIM ??


It has taken me days to think of any claim to fame I might have, and all are pretty dull, so I also resorted to family claims.

1) I hold the world's record for quickest descent of the Gypsum Wall in Horsethief Cave (I fell off)

2) I was born in the same hospital as ex-President Bill Clinton (albeit a few years later)

3) My father was one of the first Americans into Nagasaki after the US dropped the bomb in WWII (he died of lymphoma, by the way, which may have been related to radiation poisoning)

4) My family has been raising cattle in the United States for almost 400 years (and some of those heifers are gettin' OLD)

5) I had two 10.5 lb babies natural childbirth (four years apart,and you oughta see my "pregnant pictures- I looked like I ought to be orbiting the sun)