When is it ok to go out on your own???

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I agree with Mariyam, and I feel sorry for those 2 girls too, overrating themselves like that...


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Fire Dancing

I am so sorry to say no clips not even any still shots......how lame is that...
But I have a performance coming up and I will most defintly get some stills on the page for you.....
I cannot talk enough about the beauty of the flame,and the sense of energy you get when the fire and the dancer becomes one..........I LOVE IT!!!!!:D

Fire breathing for a dancer is sort of a big thing. Everyone wants to do it but you need to be taught by another breather to do it and they will only teach you if you are deemed worthy (sounds like a crock doesn't it....but seriously this stuff happens......I thought the guy was having me on untill he taught me...) and from then on you ARE a true dancer..you live and breathe fire lol :) ...I do admit to third degree burns and a few scars :eek: ......but we all suffer for our art.....i havent taught any one to breathe, i haven't found anyone yet who will respect the flame enough....though there is agirl in one of my classes who i may teach how to in about five years.....
i think that is why I appreaciated all you had to say because as an artist myself I would hate to see disrepute coiming to MY art form....

Untill we meet again......Elly-beth ;)


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Wow Elly-Beth,
I love to hear people speak so passionately about their art! It's very inspiring. Keep up the good work.


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hi there all((hugs))

elly,I have a lust to dance with fire,I did it a little when I was in europe,it is truely amazing.:) I would love to see you dance elly.

Hi there Babylonia,you too are also so very deep and passionate about your dancing,what an amazing journey we are all on,all a part of.

love to you

enjoy the spirit of dance,let it flow through your soul and take you places you never knew exsisted..

love and smiles

miss shimmy


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Sigh...Elly welcome back, and kudos to you. I do think we all forget what its like to be a beginner, to ask a simple question and get loads of criticism and soap-boxy rhetoric in return. I for one, thought the comments to be too firm and preachy, but also believe that one should wait before teaching and understand the concern. However, I do believe in making statements gently to those who ask an honest question.

But although many many people say wait 5 years, dont perform, yadda yadda...I think it is relatively few who actually do. I for one admit to dancing in public for pay before I really should have, on the insistance of the restaraunt owner who saw me dance socially there. Was I the best representation of our dance form? Probably not, but will I ever think im good enough? Thats a matter of personal criticism, and the fact that ever time I reach a new level of dance, there is another to discover. But I also thought it was a great opportunity and one I really couldnt pass up. The experience was an awesome one for me. If I had to do it over again, I might have held off- but then again, if I hadnt back then- I might not be where I am today.

I also started teaching my first class this summer (I've been studying since '01). I can tell ya- its hard work. Luckily I can draw on my years working in as a fitness supervisor at my university's gym in college for safety and musculature knowledge, and the loads and loads of time spent on bhuz and other forums like this for belly dance knowledge :)

Good luck to you and I admire your bravery for putting yourself "in the fire," as it were, making smart decisions (ones right for you), amd coming back to face the forum. The dance community is lucky to have a woman of courage and integrity such as you!

Sumaya Saahir
President ~ Chicago MECDA


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I'm scared now :-s

Wow...this thread could not have been more appropriate for me. I have been dancing for a little over two years, and I recently got in touch with someone from the gym at my school about teaching a bellydance class. I spoke with my instructor and she agreed that I was advanced enought to teach, but that she'll prepare me by team-teaching some classes with her, and then teaching a few of my own (under her supervision) at the studio, before I go off on my own to teach. My class wouldn't start until mid to late October, so I would have time to get some experience teaching.
I love teaching in general. I have tutored people for years, especially since I stated college. I taught a Biology workshop to freshmen my sophomore year, and when end-of-the-year evaluations came, all of my student gave me glowing reviews on my explaining skills, which I was very happy about.
I am willing to work hard to be the best teacher I can be, and to make their beginner's experience a pleasant one, but at the same time give them a solid foundation, so that they fall in love with the art just like I did. But after reading this, I've started to second-guess my decision. Is it too soon?

da Sage

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Wow...this thread could not have been more appropriate for me. I have been dancing for a little over two years
But after reading this, I've started to second-guess my decision. Is it too soon?
IMO, probably not, since you will be team-teaching with your teacher at first, and you have a biology and teaching background.

Experience is necessary, but it doesn't "make" the teacher. There are so many other factors involved. Be sure to prepare for each class, and refer students on to other teachers when appropriate!


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Thank you

Hello ladies,
Have been out of touch for so long...getting back into the fire dance scene...It is getting to be a really big thing over here......I love that....
My fire classes are going well and I have been going to lots of workshops trying to develop my skills and style....You all were so right though
THE MORE YOU KNOW THE LESS YOU KNOW Iam doing a performance in october and I will start a new thread on fire Dancing keep your eyes out...

Till we meet again:)


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Hi Elly-Beth, good to hear the lessons are going well. Good luck with your performance I'm sure it will be wonderful.
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