Where do you fit in ?


"The Veiled Male"
So, sod it, I am going back to belly dance and if it does not please others, it pleases me.

Sorry I didn't see this earlier - "You see ya, can't please everyone, so ya, gotta please yourself".

Its sounds like you've reached the stage where you dance not because you "want" to, but because you "have" to! Your body won't forget the joy, and you can't but help dance...


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Thanks again Zorba, you and your website is an inspiration, but it is a pity my country is not as open minded, but I now seek a class in my locale, or rejected quit it unless I can move elsewhere.

As you, perhaps anyone can understand, I am pretty upset at the moment as regards my desire to dance, what I want to do, and what I am finding I am not allowed to do, because of narrow mindedness.

Indigo Shimmer

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I certainly hope you are able to continue dancing!

Yes, when I started doing this, I thought only women did belly dancing. I have since been "educated"!;) And man, am I glad I was!

I like watching guys belly dance A LOT! Its amazing what they can do with their bodies.

Dance is an amazing art in any shape or form, done by any person. I'm glad it exists. For a person to stop dancing is like an artist throwing his brushes, paint and canvas out in the trash, a poet suddenly swearing to go silent, a singer loosing their voice. The world become smaller, more black & white, less beautiful without art.

The woman who inspired me to dance has since given it up. She lives in a small, very close minded town and there is little opportunity to do THAT KIND of dance. I feel like a very beautiful aspect of her personality has died.

Please don't stop dancing!

Indigo S.