Which style is this?


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Can you please help me. Which style is Tamiil by Mario Kirlis? Is it saiidi, raqs sharki... I need quick help.

Thank you
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Raqs Sharqi, but definitely Saida style :)

Basically Raqs Sharqi but with a strong Argentinian "personality."

Saida is of Syrian ancestry, but raised in Argentina. Her dancing shows a lot of strength and intensity that isn't so much Egyptian, but is really rather unique to her.


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I call it Argentinian style. Saida has a really unique style that, from my experience, can only be seen in her and the people who have studied with her. Amir Thaleb's style and presence is also similar, maybe they studied together in the past... I know they collaborate a lot in the present, but to my knowledge they have separate schools.

It's belly dance with a lot of ballet and tango influence. I don't know if anyone danced like that before her, and passed it onto her, or if she is the main "creator" of this style, but I like to call it "Argentinian style" because most dancers I've seen from Argentina dance similarly to that.


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Oh wait, you are asking about the song! I guess you want to know the genre of music "Tamil" falls into?

I would say it's classical Arabic music, but the sound isn't very "organic" because of the way the main instrument (the keyboard) sounds.
There is a folkloric section in the middle, which IMO is generic enough that could be interpreted as Saidi or dabke.