Who is "Mumtez" designer?


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Hello ladies?

I keep seeing costumes by "Mumtez" and they seem kind of familiar but I can't place who they are!? Does anyone have any insight? I see bellydancestore.biz is stocking them but they keep cropping up!


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I remembered reading about him on Bhuz so I went and had a look if I could find it and I did. Thank's to Samirashuruk on Bhuz for information.
Here's a link to the thread
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His name is Mamdouh as well and she used to list him as Mamdouh on her site, but obviously had to change with Randa Kamal's designer having the same name.
Mamdouh Mumtaz is in the Abla family and used to work at Madame Abla's studio. I've had a couple of his costumes and love them. They last WELL, he uses good quality fabric, you can TOTALLY see the Abla quality in his ruching designs. I love his looks- they are incredibly full of bling. Bling-full! Bling-ilicious!
He doesn't use "Dina style" cups- and I believe a lot of girls who are more curvy up top feel more comfort and support with this more traditional style.

One of his styles I bought a couple years ago the shoulder/halter straps were just lycra. Which was shall we say rather ineffective in the support department. It was a very simple fix though- I created under-straps with same color bias tape (although I'd recommend grosgrain ribbon- I simply had the bias tape on hand). He has a couple new costumes with this same thing going on- but that's nothing that would prevent me from getting and enjoying his spectacular sparkly bling-ilicious creations!!!


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We had troupe costumes from Mamdouh. They are very inventive and interstsing costumes and the bra construction is miraculous!:D