Who's your favourite bellydancer?


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Fifty seven posts and one mention of Taheyya Carioca.

I can understand your surprise.

My favorite dancers are the Vintage/Classic ones; Tulay Karaca, Nesrin Topkapi, and of course Suheir Zaki. The only reason Tahia Carioca isn't on my list is because I prefer the more Turkish style (though I make an exception for Suheir Zaki).

Now my favorite current artists are:
Raks Estela


Mira Betz

Autumn Ward

and Tarik Sultan

No, I can't pick just one, really... but Ruby is nudging her way up there.
Tanyeli is my favorite belly dancer of all time. I love the way she puts attitude into her performances, and the way she uses facial expressions to enhance the dance. Here is an example of what I mean.
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autumn ward

Oh Im glad to see autumn ward in there! She's my favorite these days I believe because of the theatrical interpretaions. I love it when a dance has meaning and expresses something (which it mostly does, more or less clearly). Beautiful storytelling:
Autumn Ward: Knowledge of Good and Evil (Theatrical Belly Dance) - YouTube

probably not the favorite of most fans of classical belly dance. But as much as i encourage the preservation of older styles (she also does egyptian among others), other dance influences can really add some magic!
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Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara, Zoe Jakes, Sherri Wheatley all kind of inspired me along with my amazing teacher Sarah Al Nour. I dont really have a favorite.

Pirika Repun

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My main MAN is TITO of course. :D Tarik said I'm his wife #4. ;)
I took his WS and private, and he is not only great entertainer/dancer/performer, but very patient and great teacher as well.

Other my men are
Tarik: My teacher, mentor, inspiration and good friend, but sometimes pain in my a$$. :lol:

Jamil: My OZ baby! I love his shimmy and he has great stage personality and very sweet person.

Nath Keo: My new man, and I love his Cambodian fusion and martial art fusion. He has crazy isolations and strong legs. Powerful but graceful at the same time. He is super cool guy!

If you live NY tri-state area, Nath will come to NYC in March and will have 3 WS, and gala show. If you are interested, please visit Tarik's web site for more detail or Face Book's his WS /gala show page.

Tarik's event page: AHLAN WA SAHLAN : Nath Keo's Sacred Center Workshop

Face Book event page: Baladi Beat Belly Dance Presents Nath Keo WS & Show First time in NYC!
Here is two of my favorite video clips


Drum solo

Shame on me, i left out the men! I love watching clips of Tito performing, he's a great showman. I like watching Tarik Sultan too, i hope to study with him one day too.:)

You made for his class, and thank you for make up WS and help us by make up at the show :) I miss you girl! Hope you come to his class sometimes... Do you know you who I am? hint... my job is kick Tarik's a$$. :cool: (I'm sure you know me now.;))
If we're discussing the current crop of dancers, then I would have to say I absolutely adore Kazafy. He is a beautiful dancer with flawless technique and emotional drive.

My other favourites include Aziza of Cairo, Tito (of course!) and Jane in Sydney (not well known enough outside Australia unfortunately).


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I have to say, of all the dancers I've seen, I honestly like Cassandra Fox the most. She's fun to watch, dances with skill, and with heart. She is my absolute favorite.

Sophia Maria

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Oooh, favorite bellydancers...

Aziza (from Canada, I think?): She has the most amazing musicality, and I love her facial expressions!
Aziza Bellydancer w/ Middle-Earth Ensemble 2 - YouTube

I always have a belly dancer crush on Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Tamar Bar-Gil, and Tito Seif!! :D

I've found a few recently on youtube that I am now obsessed with:

Sandra: Sandra Bellydancer - Performance in Houston - YouTube
here is her fantastic drum solo: Sandra Bellydancer - Tabla Solo - YouTube

Yzza, from France: danse orientale baladi, Yzza - YouTube

Also, just came across a male bellydancer by the name of Illan and his performance here blew my mind! Solo Illan. Tandem. - YouTube


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I don't remember posting on this, But seeing as taste varies through time, I'll update.

Alla Kushnir
Zoe Jakes
Mardi Love
Amalia Maya (Amazing Tribal Fusion dancer, I love her musicality)Tribal Fusion Bellydance - Amalia Maya Inbal Dance Theater - Tel-Aviv, Israel 2008 (part1) - YouTube
Naemet Mokhtar. I stumbled on this video a while back and I still love it!

Fifi Abdo
Joline Andrade (someone had her in a post and I was like :shok:)
Moria Chappell
Naima Akef:clap:

I have a whole Youtube playlist of "Sweet Bellydancers" that has 90 videos on it:rolleyes:


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I saw a clip of Mariah on here...watched a few more...and really like her. I also find I enjoy watching people who are not so well known yet, even among the belly dance community, but are very good. You see a lot of that on youtube. Unfortunately it's mixed in with the "I watched a belly dancer for five minutes yesterday and now I'm a great dancer..look at me!" posts and the "everybody look at this sexy bellydancer" (and it turns out to be someone who is neither sexy nor a belly dancer) posts...but if you weed through those, there are a lot of good dancers who look like theyre just getting their start also posting.


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