Who's your favourite bellydancer?


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I really love Leyla Aidara (Bordeaux, France) - she's so graceful, musical, dignified. I hope to get to study with her one of these days.

Leyla Aïdara Ahlan Wa Sahlan Cairo 2011 Improvisation Ya Helwa Sabah Safaa Farid Band - YouTube

Also, Bina (Paris, France) - she's such a delight on stage! I took a class with her in Paris, just as a drop-in, she is a ball of energy.

Bina Danse Orientale Nile Group 2010 - Siret El Hob - YouTube

Those were both really nice! Thank you for posting, I haven't heard of them before.


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I SWEAR i've already posted in this thread but for the life of me, I can't find it... I THINK I AM OFFICIALLY LOSING MY MIND!!! :dance:


I really like
Alla Kushnir
Daria Mitskevich
Samia Gamal
Tito Seif


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I just bought Leila Of Cario's Belly Dance for begginers and I watched one of her performances and I have to say she is amazing!!:D
I like Blanca from World Dance New York.

YouTube - :: Blanca :: from SENSUAL BELLYDANCE DVD:: WorldDanceNewYork.com :: DVDs Shipped Worldwide!

Her moves are so smooth and graceful that when I first watched Luscious, I had no trouble in deciding which of them I liked the most. Neon(also from WDNY) is also nice, maybe I little bit more intense.

YouTube - Neon - belly dance - WorldDanceNewYork.com - bellydance

What about you?

I've seen several good bellydancers and a lot of not so good ones. I personally just really like Sadie. I enjoyed learning from her DVDs too because she has a great personality and a very friendly spirit about her. I've seen some of the belly dance superstars even that were not all that great in my opinion as all they did was just twirl in circles and smile for 4 minutes. So, I just love the way Sadie dances. She tends to jump around too much sometimes though lol. That's the only thing I never really liked about her style.

I haven't seen much of Ansuya but from what I've seen she does a lot of floorwork and is very good at it. It's hard to find dancers that do a lot of floorwork and are good at it.

Ruby is also a very enjoyable dancer to watch from what little I've seen of her.


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Sadie and Kaya, hands down.

Other favourite dancers that I wish were my teachers:

Neon - she has a warm and pleasant presence. She's graceful and charming.
Aziza - her smile is contagious. I love her smile. :D. Her overall attitude fills me with joy and cheer and a huge positive energy.
Cassandra Fox - she seems to be a very energetic and playful girl. She also seems to have this Cool Big Sister type of attitude and personality, which I believe taking classes from her would be a real fun.
Anusch Alawerdian, Christina Grebenshchikova, Katerina Shereen, Zana, Paula Palomares, Mercedes Nieto, Ju Marconato, Sumaya, Amira Abdi, Alex Delora, Zohar Prazon, Alla Kushnir, Nur, Mahaila El Helwa, Nuriel El Nour, Sara Guirado, Farida Bissinger, Meital Hakimian, Dikla Tomer, Lolie Vernet-Senhadje, Pavlina Skalska, Audrey Gaussiran, Nermin El Feky, Safinaz, Shakira (Egyptian belly dancer), Ranya, Daniela Zaghareet Tohtova, Shenai etc. etc. etc. and many more ... too numerous to mention ...


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Oh my! It is so hard to choose! I suppose I could narrow it down to the top three of my favorites.

Silvia Salamanca: her triple sword work and facial expressions captured my imagination. However, she can also move me to tears with her sadder pieces. She conveys so much emotion in her dances!

Irina Akulenko: She was one of the first belly dancers I saw video of and I fell in love with many of her pieces.

Ava Fleming: Amazing woman and beautiful dancer! Had the amazing chance of taking a workshop with her last June!
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Okay: waaaaaaay too many, but I've got a couple of favs I can list!

A name some of us may all recognize is an American dancer, Tamalyn Dallal. She was featured on Bellydance Superstars, and I really like her classy, medium-paced style.

There's a dancer on YouTube, not sure if she's very "high ranking" but I like her performances; her name is "Miss Thea". She has my favorite improvised styles, and every performance I watch has great music to boot!

Also a YouTube discovery is Alla Smyshlyaeva, Eastern European in origin, and I really enjoy her costumes, music and all-around style.

Suhaila Salimpour and her ensemble also make it to my favorite list. One of the only dancers I know of from a family line of dancers, she is really fun to watch!