Why, Natacha, whyyyyyyy??? xP

Farasha Hanem

New member
Arrrrgh! I ran into a song quite by accident, and ended up liking it, a LOT, so I've tried doing research on it. It's called, "Ali Mullah," by Natacha Atlas, featuring Transglobal Underground:


I've tried looking up the lyrics, and when that didn't happen, I tried to look up the translation for at least the title of the song. Nothing. However, some of the descriptive words on YouTube were "lament," and "Sufi," so I went to Wikipedia to find out what "Mullah" means. Apparently, it means a scholar, or teacher, especially of Sharia law. After reading that, I got the sinking feeling that this is another Natacha Atlas song that can't be used for bellydance. >.< Am I right? Does anyone have any more information?