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I've just introduced a new feature on my Bellydance Bazaar and Tribal websites, where you can write your own DVD reviews.

If you write a review, you can include a link to your own website, or to the product itself (affiliate links allowed) so it can be useful publicity for yourself as well as doing the DVD producer a favor (or otherwise, if it's unfavorable!). Affiliate links are allowed, too. You're also welcome to add an "About Me" section at the end of your review to publicise yourself or your school.

Just go to the site and fill in the form, the review will be published in 24 to 48 hours.

Write Your Own DVD Review | The Tribal Dance
Write Your Own Review |Belly Dance Bazaar

For the boys, I have a Men's Dancewear site where you can submit general articles on men in dance - would love to have some posts from male belly dancers:

Men's Dancewear Online

I will shortly be adding a form to the other sites for general articles, too.
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