You know you are a bellydancer when....


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I always wanted cute little feet so I could wear cute little shoes. Clementine's boxes without topses were #9- what does that make my size tens???::think:

When I find a pair of shoes that FIT I am happy. When I find a pair that fit and that I LIKE, I'm overjoyed. When I find a pair I like, that fit, and that I can AFFORD- I buy!!!

Happens infrequently.


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It seemed appropriate to this thread to mention that someone got to my website this morning by searching for "the difference between belly dancer and normal people". :lol:


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You know you are a dancer in Egypt when you see less sunshine per day than during an Estonian winter day :lol:


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Do still exist people who do not bellydance, Roshanna? that is misinformation, tell that person. THere are the people who bellydance and the rest who will in a while! [no normal people who do not bellydance]


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When you had to remove your navel piercing for surgery, and have jealous fits when you see your dance sisters with theirs! Re-pierce in 2 months!


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I wish I had that problem ;)
Actually, I am in Cairo now... and with the curfew, me and the rest of people are forced to do all their stuff during sunlight hours... When they postponed the curfew yesterday to 9pm, we were driving around the city trying to remember, when was the last time we saw Cairo by night :p


You have a cat and you teach her tricks, and one of those tricks is 'dance'. The requirements are she must do a triple-step with her front paws and 'engage with the audience'. If she looks away while she's doing it or has sloppy footwork, she's doing it wrong!


Moderator are traveling through your day job and complain to a colleague in the hotel bar about your colleagues being too social because you have "a craft project that isn't suitable to work on in public" (i.e. covering a lingerie bra from scratch). spend the late Saturday evening and night in bed with the laptop on the nearby table and the said project in your lap instead of sleeping and preparing for work the next day.