Your "Dance" Name


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I have to say, I really like Autumn for a name.

I'm all for a stage name... ;)
Autumn is actually my cousin's name :lol: Otherwise I agree its a very pretty name, for stage or personal use!

BellaBohemian, you would neither be the first nor the last dancer to decide her name was worthy of the stage. A couple of world class dancers I can think of off the top of my head are: Ava Fleming, Paola Blanton and Keti Sharif. Why wouldn't you want to keep such great company?
Ava Fleming is absolutely a beautiful dancer! I admit that I know very little about the other two you mentioned. Honestly, using my real name mostly boils down to my off-stage personality. Im a very brash, out-spoken person and I guess Im really nervous about it "tarnishing" how people see me as a dancer. I like the idea that when I step on stage, everything from the outside world is gone! It's just the music and the dance that matters! :D

Out of curiosity, does anyone else who uses there real name have this fear?

I really like your name Sybella, ok here are the names that match to you anwsers I have five turkish names and 5 hindi names k.

Turkish names

Ayfer- Moon light
Bengül- I am the rose
Esra- dark moon
Hediye- Autumn
Yonca- star

Indian names

Adrika- Celestial
Amari- eternal
Saanjh- Evening
Salena- the moon
Ira- earth;Muse

let me know what you think :D
Salena is the name of one of my friends haha! I think I need to know less people who have cool names. :lol: Amari is a beautiful name! I actually think it would be nice for a "last name" to give the stage name more power! Something like Sitara Amari could then mean "eternal star" or something else? ______ Amari?

You ladies got me researching a ton of names now! :dance:

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Actually, my eye caught Azure. How about that or Azura? It's a Latin derivative but it sounds as beautiful as the color.
Ismaila is my stage name, but I want it to be my legal name for a variety of reasons. It means "God has heard" and it is the the female version of the Arabic translation of the Hebrew name Ishmael from the Bible.

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Okay, I'm nowhere NEAR having a stage name---yet! I just like alternative names. I like the native American idea of having a name for different stages of your life. I really think there are a lot of people out there that would have NEVER picked the name they have but they were a baby at the time and had no choice!

I have a real name that my co-workers and the IRS call me. I usually go by my historical re-enactor's name to my friends, Devon and it kinda grew into me. Indigo Shimmer was the name I used on facebook until I lost interest with the whole fb schtick. I pretty much just used my fb account to post pics of my critters since photography is one of my hobbies. I came up with it because I like anything dark blue. And "shimmer"? Well.....I'm a die-hard Dr. Who fan. Yes, I'm a nerd!

I NEVER put my real name on the internet. I have a rather damaged ex-hubby who would make my life miserable if I did!

Indigo S.