Your first class,as a male, what was it like ?


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One thing I have taken on so to speak in my classes, is for me to always position myself at the front of the class, for the purposes of easing other's minds that come for a session or two. I look at it this way, they can laugh at me if they want, for I don't care, I am doing this wholly for me, my interst in dance, belly dance, not who might turn up to take the class, but it is comforting to know I am not the only cack handed and legged person there, for both male and female struggle at first and later on, however long it takes, we are very much the same.

Anyway, where I position myself in class, is in front of a mirror, so I could if I focused, see lots, but when dancing I seem to close focus, perhaps relax, as everything is a blur to my eyes, where I see movement only, not detail, I also now tune into the background music, and sometimes when doing layering, I do it with eyes closed, I think it is I allow myself to feel the movement, not see it in others and there get flustered by worrying if I am doing it right myself.

But really, and truly, I am less cack handed now, and at last I feel the movement is becoming natural,and so natural, that any music I hear now, I tend to start moving, which I have to stop when I am aware of it, like in shopping centres and standing in a queue at the bank. There is times and places for everything.