"You've got company"


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can any one help me with this. Here I am merily browsing the forum, when all of a sudden my pc says to me "you've got company" - from nowhere. the first time this happened was last night. i was home alone and it did freak me out a little - i admit I did turn around to see if anyone else was in the room !! my question is, is 'YOU'VE GOT COMPANY' coming from this website, as I have never heard my PC say that before !!???

your's freaked a little,
Demelza xx :eek:


Hi Demelza,

I don't think that is coming from OrientalDancer.net. I've not heard that message before. Do you have some kind of instant messenger? That sounds like it might be an alert for an instant messenger.


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no! i dont have instant messenger......and it happened again last night - whilst I was on this forum !! spooky x

ps. just thought I'd mention how lovely you look on that picture !! xx


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HMMMM that is spooky Dem... ??
Next time it happens go into your cookies and see if you can see anything, might come up with a direction there...


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Were you browsing any other sites simultaneously? I ask because some GoogleAds now have SOUND, and when they load, they make noises or what have you. That sounds to me like some ad asking for your attention...


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It sounds like your computer might have some adware on it. When you get pop-ups advertising things and you are on a web site that doesn't have pop-ups, chances are that they are coming from your own computer.