Zorba Performances: The Good, The Bad, and the Horrid!


"The Veiled Male"
Way back, when people first started videoing me with the first crude video cameras, I hosted those few resultant videos on my website as YouTube was in its infancy and their video quality was horrid - plus I felt at the time, and still do to a certain extent, that self-hosted videos are "more professional". However, getting the videos set up was a pain, and I eventually just stopped doing it.

That was then, this is now. YouTube's quality has drastically improved, plus time marches on and modern browsers couldn't display my videos as presented, so I not only uploaded those videos to YouTube (in much better form than I had them on my site) but I added at least a dozen more that had never been seen anywhere. Some of them are "decent enough", some have bad technique, many have BAD ARMS! Some of them were sub-standard video quality to start with, several were uploaded by someone other than me! In any event, they're all listed on my video page for the curious:


Solos, and various troupe performances - best seen through the above linked page as again, several people besides myself uploaded the vids, plus I have other vids on my so-called "channel" that have nothing to do with Belly Dance!
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