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  • I didn't actually go into the city. It was so foggy the morning I intended to go that you couldn't see twenty feet so I decided to just head north along the coast. It has been lovely to spend time on the ocean. I spent all day today in Mendocino. One more day on the coast, then off toward Idaho and eventually home.
    Honey, you are gorgeous! Thanks for the pictures.

    I'm currently in the San Francisco area and am checking in for the first time in several days. What a good surprise to find on OD!
    In all these years on OD I've never seen a picture of you. Would you consider sharing one some time?
    Hui Anisteph - that wouldn't have been your camera I couldn't make work would it? Do you have film of the Khaled workshop as I didn't take my camera?
    Yeah, I'm not much better, lol! xD It's great to have you as a friend, and like I said, we were friends to begin with, anyway. :) The list sure helps in messaging, though! ^^

    Hope your New Year's Day was awesome!
    oO?!?! How is it that I haven't friended you long ago??? :doh: :wall: I'm so sorry! :( I wanted to drop by to wish you Happy New Year, but didn't find you in my friend list! :( Anyway, Happy New Year, and you are my friend, anyway, even if I hadn't sent you a request before. *hugs*
    I just read your answers to the Questionnaire and I did a quick YouTube search for what you listed as your favourite song at the moment ( Leylet Hob) and I love it!! It's actually just what I've been looking for recently! :) So thank you for inadvertently turning me onto it! :D
    Thank you for your pm, Anisteph. You are a treasure, and I'm so glad to know you. :)

    As for deleting the message here, I don't know, maybe it is something I ought to talk about on the forum, but I don't know how proper that would be. If it's all right with you, I think for now I'll leave the message up. If anyone else wanders in here, perhaps at least some will understand why I got upset a bit better.

    Thank you again for being so kind---you are a lovely person with a good heart. :)
    *hugs* Thank you, Anisteph. I'm still here, although I came very close to quitting the forum. Not wanting to let Salome down kept me from it, though. I'm going to take it easy and just visit the forums that don't normally incite heated arguments, and just stay away from the other potentially volatile forums for the time being.

    I'm sorry about reacting so hastily; it was a gut reaction. It just got to the point where I'd had enough. I had to grow up listening to alcoholic adults fight and abuse one another, so that's why conflict is so very hard for me to deal with to this day.

    I'm sorry, Anisteph, I don't know what else to say after revealing that personal bit of info.
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