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  • I don't really. I just use the times when I do have energy, and ignore the pain unless it reaches a 6 or 7.
    You're welcome for the link. I thought it should be posted on OD, it's making the rounds everywhere lately. Defiantly an important issue to talk about.
    One of my students is living there now. I think things are okay, but I don't know any details. I haven't had time to touch base with her. Last I heard there was still a curfew biut I really don't know much beyond that. I'll be teaching with Tito and Hayat next week so I'll be able to find out more from them about how things are. Don't forget to ask me.
    I did go to arches. I had been there once before a few years ago. It is one of the most impressive natural places I have ever visited. Breathtaking!
    Nope, never got connected with anyone in Moab. I was only there for three full days. I found a store that sold coined hip sashes though! The lady at the check out counter said there were two classes in town, but had no contact info :(
    Hi Ariadne... crocheting is pretty easy though practice with yarn and a bigger hook first before trying the steel hooks and crochet threads. If you would like more crochet info just pm me and I'll give you some titles. Creaks
    Don't worry Ariadne, people talking behind my back is not what I'm worried about, besides I have no reason to think that's what their doing. I might make a post later trying to explain what my issue is or I might continue to ignore both threads. Still thinking about that.
    Hi Ariadne, im new to belly dance forum, glad i found it!! how long have you been danceing/ what style are you doing? linda x
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