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  • Azeeza, your PM box is full and tribe isn't working for me. Send me a pm here and I can give you the info for the sword. Hope you are well. :)

    Hi Azeeza, sorry I didn't intend to say you acted stupid. Unfortunate choice of words put together in an unclear way I guess.
    Hope you didn't take offense or at least accept my apology.
    Hi are the sweetest! got your present are good with needels!! gosh so cute ! thanks a million i will keep it for special occasions!! Thank you dear its to much realy...have a nice day Lydia
    HI azeeza how is life treating you im sorry for not writing you sooner but i have had a very interesting life lately lol And been busy imabout to do my drills but i just wanted to say hi to the most beautiful dancer ive met...... No matter what u think of ur self u. Ur great to me. HAve an awsome day ....... And Remember me in your prayers Bye bye.
    Also support is hard to find when you feel Low. So always when to evil minds get together they can find trouble lol. SO lets be evil for a little while hahahah.
    Thank you Ms. Azeeza . I believe you must be a very sweet kind person because of the way you feel about yourself ..Humility is hard to find in qualilties in people these days.
    Aziza I would like to add you to my friends as I believe a little support mends problems and fixes situations ! May I?
    Hi Designer: Well, I do love belly dance. I'm not very good at it, but that's what keeps me going. Learning. I do have an art background, but it's been years since I've dabbled in it. Do you have a website where I can view your creations? Azeeza
    Well, I´m interested in Belly Dance, how about you, do you have any interest in art ,
    I`m Jewelery Designer ,
    all the best
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