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  • Hi Caroline -- I was wondering -- you and some others thought the author of the article "The Belly of the Beast" might be a forum member under another name -- I was wondering, off the record, Who? Arab or not is the main question. I am wondering whether to question this as an actual statement by a Muslimah woman of her own experiences, or something else, in a piece I am writing for an academic journal. As I said, off the record .... And if you have time and don't mind.

    Best wishes,
    Thanks caroline

    I may be moving to liverpool soon, so would like to continue dancing. My email is

    If you could email me information I would be pleased

    These are the latest important updates for classes in Egypt during the tour April 2-12.
    There is also a class scheduled in Luxor with Kahryyia Mazan for traditional Ghawazee!
    And a class with Leyla Amir, at a convenient time for everyone.
    email samra40@netzero. net if there are any questions.

    These classes are arranged just for our group and the Dinner and Show at Prof. Hassan's studio by this invitation is a great honor.

    April 8
    Arrive Red Sea early afternoon... rest of day free until midnight

    April 9
    Midnight land departure for Mt. Sinai climb/ St. Cathrines
    Early afternoon departure for Cairo
    Arrive Cairo check into hotel
    Depart hotel about 5:30 ish for Prof. Hassan Show and buffet

    April 10
    Sitgh Seeing to start about 9:30 am
    Class schedule as above for Prof. Hassan 2pm-3:30pm and Caroline Afifi 5pm-6:30pm
    Late night Shaabi club with Caroline Afifi depart about 10 ish

    April 11
    Free day or optional excursions.
    Hi Caroline,
    I am sponsoring the tour with Leyla Amir in April. We have only 4 dancers so far and I am really trying to get some more dancers to go. Here is the schedule I want to post. How can I do this as being informative and encouraging which I am trying to be?

    another post follows because of size
    If you travel to Egypt enough, sooner or later you'll have one of those trips that either makes for a good horror movie or a dark comedy. No blood was spilled, so I'll put this one in the dark comedy category!
    Hey! how was Egypt?

    ..... Before or after my cab caught on fire and I got sexually molested my a mouse on the train from Alexandria? LOL

    Wedding was great. I made history as the first Western male dancer to perform at a wedding in Egypt. I was followed by a Shabbi singer who showed up with 20 boy backup dancer, 2 clows, 5 guys dancing on stilts and one dervish.

    how long did you go for??

    I was there for 2 weeks of non stop mayhem. Glad to be back! Next rip will be more productive. 2 weeks isn't enough time to do anything in Egypt if you've really got a reason to be there.

    Went to Sharem, saw the scene, wasn't impressed.... I'll post something in the forum. I'm busy getting ready for JApan right now which is why you haven't heard from me in a while. Buys working.

    Can i ask you a favour? would you mind sending me some close up pictures of your beledi dress(es)? i really do like these types of dresses, but i can't afford to buy them right now as i'm headed back to uni full time in September and my income will be almost non-existent, but i don't mind having a try at making them! I have the patience to bead into oblivion if required!

    Hi Honey, im owner of a disco and night club in baku and looking for a group of singers and dancers preferly rasian and Ukrainian. if u r interested please send me an email to
    Hi Cute Caroline,
    I'm Gharam form AL - Cham
    i think u r egyptian , i like egypt so my my half is egyptian,
    keep intouch
    by the way i live in Dubai

    You might be interested in this:

    Movie about high-class "escorts" with lead part played by an actress who has formerly only done XXX porn films.

    Part of the review: "not so much acting here as posing a series of philosophical problems, testing the conceptual and experiential boundaries between degradation and empowerment, predator and prey, person and commodity."

    It's the degradation/empowerment and person/commodity issues that I think there are some overlaps between RS and this other world sometimes.

    Take care, Cathy
    hi thanks a million for the add honey
    yep i do living in cairo and have belly dance store in khan el khalili as well
    great to be friends
    best regards
    Wrote A'isha yesterday and she said to tell you hi and she misses us!
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