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  • BIG HUGS!!! Thank you, Daimona! :D <3<3<3 I tried to email you back, but I guess you have your settings set to not receive emails from the forum. But thank you, you are such a kind friend! ^^
    Thanks for the reps. Obviously something I just need to get out of my system!:)
    HA! The geologist sending is hilarious... and very,very true. Thursday night, four geologists will be gathering in my humble home for dinner and GUESS what part of the entertainment will be? (Poor me; I will be one of two nongeologists there and expect to be rocked to death by 7:00 p.pm.
    Ja, såklart det är Dansk Folkeparti. De är alltid på jakt efter nåt utländskt de kan klaga på.
    Här är en artikel om händelsen:
    DF: Mavedans ødelægger en juleaften

    Hahaha vilken fin bild och superbra tips!
    Hej; Jag vet inte hur jag har missat den link du har lagt upp på min profil, eller så har jag sett den och glömt det igen :)
    Intressant. Jag läste om händelsen och det var så löjligt. Bra att ministern gör det till en "non-event" eftersoim det inte var något konstigt med det.
    It's good that wet weather can't dampen good spirits. Only thing this year my lily of the valleys didn't have any good blossoms that I could have put in with the flag. Oh well. David's grandfather used to wear them every year.
    Yes we do. This morning I tucked a Norwegian flag in with David's lunch and My sister-in-law and Mom -in-law have been greeting each other. Also when David and began dating, I called him to wish him a Happy 17th Mai and asked him out on a date (I had turned down a movie date because I didn't realize he was asking me out) about less than a month later we were engaged that was 21 years ago. Yup we celebrate.
    Hi! Thanks for the 'like'. When it comes to things like that, I like to state things in the simplest terms.
    I thought the little spaminator smileys made the lists less daunting I managed to chomp through about 3 + started another on p9 today - I've had enough for one day so I am off to bed now.
    Thanks D for the rep, it's slow but I'm chewing through them, it is a good feeling getting rid of these pests xx
    Hi Daimona,
    Somehow your message disappeared, but yes! I'll be in Stockholm for the Jan. 27-29 weekend, 2012, sponsored by Lena and Katja. I'll be collaborating with Anasma, and we'll both teach our dance styles and performance skills, in a coordinated program. Email me at ranya@ranya.net for updated info; we should have it in about a week.
    Ranya Renee Middle Eastern Belly Dance | DVDs, Classes and Workshops | New York & International
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