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  • I'm alright, thank you. Most of the riots and demonstrations are close, but not close enough for there to be dangerous, so I'm fine really. Thanks for asking though, appreciate it :)
    So then you'll be like the artist formerly known as (unpronounceable) - the reverse of Prince!
    Hi Cheart. Thanks for dropping by and liking my post. Two things: beautiful, BEAUTIFUL pic; and how do you pronounce your name is it like "chart"?
    Comments would be a very toned down version of what was going on in my head:lol: Not that many now since we can now filter out the spammers:D
    Hey, I've been absent from the forums lately- just wanted to drop a message and say that your new user icon and profile picture are lovely!
    Hello Gorgeous,
    Um I'm so late on answering this. Sorry. The final 6 DVD came out, did you get it? Amazon.com: Project Belly Dance - The Final 6: Michelle Joyce: Movies & TV


    I think the spammers 'think" they will fool us, not realising that while 1/2 the world sleeps the other 1/2 are watching & waiting with ban hammer poised:lol:
    i live in birch grove, just outside of glace bay =) Did you learn belly dance here on the island? By the way, your photos are beautiful and your costumes are stunning!
    Hi the knee's not doing any better starting to think there is something really wrong with it but we don't have health insurance yet so - it will be a bit before i check it out. Now it's good grief I'm 60 arghhhhhhh but on the other hand the violin lessons are going great and i'm doing roma violin :)
    thanks for the welcome =)...its a relief to know im not the only caper here! where abouts are you from?
    Hi things are sort of blah haven't been back to dance class for quiet awhile, my knees are still not where they should be nor are my arms. I tried some classes but things hurt too much so even my teacher agreed that it was too soon...so i've sort of been hiding from bellydance... i really miss it. the violin lessons however are going well and i am struggling through the rom violin techniques and can do a 2 octave a minor scale. have a good christmas lots of love linda.
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