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  • Many happy returns of the day! Hope you get lots of pretty shiny belly dance presents!
    Hmmm, not sure. Would be an interesting twist. You're right about that guy liking her beforehand. You don't just become that attached that fast.
    Hey Farasha! Just to say I couldn't pm you as your inbox is full....and just spotted that it's your birthday soon,,wishes in advance incase I miss your day! x
    Thanks for the rep Farasha! I love having guys being un-afraid to try this dance. Down with gender stereotypes!
    I agree. I thought the episode where they met the people helping out the retired people was so touching. Here you think its a bunch of guys who are just looking out for themselves, next thing you know an elderly women walks into the room, and you see why they're so protective. I can't wait to see what happens with Mureil, and if the secret comes out about the cops friend, and wife.
    The friend really needs to let it go. The fact that he's still going after his friend's family even when he comes back alive is just low.
    This has been a hard winter - it's funny how our world changes around us and we are forced to adjust. My husband and I just bought a 4-wheel drive. We really needed one.

    Are you excited about this season? I've finally got arrangements coming together for a teacher down here! Tiffani Adhia (who I met here, actually) just sent me the interest forms for me and my friends to fill out and send back to her.
    Ah man, this weather is killer! It's making life interesting, that's for sure. :) I've been doing really well... I just took an editing job for a horror magazine, and I started writing a new novel, so busy times. But - I did just buy myself a pair of zills and a practice costume. And I'm getting ready to cover my first bra and make my first belt. How are you, lady?
    Happy belated newyear sweetie Farasha!!! I missed this message lol, but Thank you so much nevertheless! *hugs you right back* :D
    Thank you!!! Sorry, I dont know how to leave message here.Maybe...I managed to do it now.
    Thanks for the visitor message- you are lovely too! Hope your new years was wonderful <3
    Thank you Farasha, much appreciated, especially coming from a moderator. Hope you have a great day too!
    Awww... Gosh, it's been a couple of days since I was in here. Thanks, hon, and I hope your New Year is going well. I'll follow with interest the new Bollywood group. Kinda interested in seeing where you'll go with it. ....And wow, I like your new avatar pic.
    Hello, happy new year too! Yes I'm super busy at the moment so less time to post but I'm still around...
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