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  • Geia sou Fotia,

    I'm assuming that you're Greek. I am Greek as well. I am a newbie! I live in NYC and looking for a good school that can teach good technique for a beginner like me. Any advise for me?
    Never piss off a peasant bellydancer! She will have all tools to make the attack a playground!
    You are welcome! As for the public opinion about bellydance, well "to the fruitful trees people throw stones".
    *hugs* You are more than welcome; you most definitely earned it! ^^ I'm blessed to know such a wise and loving lady, and am glad you are my sister in Christ as well as in dance. :)
    Thank you. I'd be very happy to be your friend.

    It was actually a quote that a professor at my university said but I added to it. He originally said to his class of students after one student got upset over another students comment and demanded he apologize. He said: Yes you have a right to free speech. no you don't have a right not to be insulted.
    Thanks GB, I agree, and I just wish the rest of the world could see that .... we all bleed red and nature provided us with skin colour suited to our ethnic climates. It is just that today we can upstakes and move to another place very easily so we see all colours, creeds & cultures living under one roof so to speak these days. People are people, are people ....:D I love having diverse cultures and views around me & would hate living in a closed society.
    Hey! thanks for your welcome! Great to be here! I like the 'smallness' here and the mix of nationalities people have been very welcoming! have a great day , seona :)
    Hi Fotia aka Greekbonfire! I remember you were one of the 1st people to welcome me to bhuz and I thought I hadn't seen you on bhuz for a this is where you are hiding lol! Nice to 'see' you again! Just stopped by to say hi and have a great day :)
    Actually, I am a Samba drummer! I play a mean agogo (bell). It is also a great workout, especially for my friends playing surdo :)
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