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  • Busier than a woodpecker in a petrified forest:lol::lol: I like that, must remember it! :D Goodnight for now, I am dragging myself off to bed seeing it is 2am here in Oz, Just hope i don't have dreams about spam & spammers:lol:
    One could say I was being a lazy acknowledger:lol: Click! OK post answered;) I've hardly had time to bless myself as my old grandmother use to say, The evil spammers are keeping me busy and out of mischief, so the like button comes in handy:D
    You are welcome, Harry!
    Sometimes things needs to be stated in the simplest terms as well. :)
    When we ban a spam weasel they do receive automated notification, and being human nature the "real human" spammers check to see if they can circumvent things. I nab quite a few at the door so to speak & often up to an hour after the ban they will be still online probably trying to get their heads around what happened. Some get mad and register under another name, just a few days ago I had a running battle with someone who re-registered about 8 times after the first ban, I just kept zapping him/her:lol: It can be jolly tiring keeping up with them especially at the moment. I'm spending so much time zapping new ones I am not getting much time to zap the old ones in our big clean - a huge project just a couple of us are handling at the moment. The like button is good as it allows you to let folk know that you like what they wrote without having to post lots of one liners.
    You are welcome - if I was paid for every spammer I banned I'd fast be, becoming a wealthy woman:lol:
    Thank you, Harry! ^^

    I want to learn more about Bollywood, and about India in general, so I'm hoping the new group will attract some interest. Guess we'll see what happens, won't we? Take care, and see you here, and on Facebook! :D
    oops, I thought you meant profile pic! sadly the lovely lady in my avatar is not me.
    Why, thank you, Harry! ^^ I'm glad you enjoyed it. Performing Saturday at the arts festival was so much fun! :)
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