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  • Happy New Year Jane!
    Let's knock em out good with a new venue of belly dance 2013!!
    Jane, I am so stupid! -_- I didn't see your pics the first time I "liked" your post in the ghawazee thread, and when I did, I automatically hit Like again, and inadvertently unliked your post. :wall: I fixed it after a few minutes of panic because the Like button refused to work at first, but I still feel pretty stupid. -_-
    You're welcome! :D I'm still so sorry that my stupid iPhone did that to you. I'm a month overdue on my upgrade, but my workplace runs out of the 5 as soon as they come in. People are snapping them up and putting them on layaway. -___-

    I made a list of all those songs, and am buying what I don't have a few at a time on iTunes. Thank you so much for the list! :D
    Hugshugs! You're welcome! ^^ Although I adore props, I do agree that they can be overdone, and used as a crutch to cover up bad dancing. Some of the things I've seen on YouTube are horrendous.
    Hi Jane how's it going, hope your doing well! I couldn't resist got the totally turkish dvd haven't practiced yet but will tell you what I think lol :) Cheers!!
    :) It was great, grounding advice and commentary. I'll be sure to post in the thread when I make my decision about Bellyfit- I've got a lot of variety of advice from both dance professionals (that I know and don't know) as well as fitness industry people. I see there are a few other threads on the forum here about Bellyfit that don't seem to result in anything and I'm going a lot of research on it, I figure whatever I decide, it'd be handy for there to be a thought-out post archived on the forum.
    extremely outstanding ;: I ve never bene amazed with such your so seductive bellydance, did you ever fancy a bellydance performance in Morroco??
    Hi Jane, nice to have met you too, always nice to put real faces to virtual friends.
    I'm sorry to hear it, I hope you still had a great time anyway. Did you go to arches?
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