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  • Hi Jenc!
    Just wanted to say thank you for the rep points you gave me.

    Have a nice day!
    Hi Jen! Thanks for the welcome back greeting! I haven't been on for quite a while, but it's nice to be back :) I hope you are keeping well, hope to see you sometime! E x
    Hi Jen, afraid the visa is going badly so will be here another week :-( Ah well, ne'er mind, taking many deep breaths and praying to the belly dance gods!

    Well, I'm sad that your teacher et al couldn't see any positive in any of the other dancers. I always feel that it's possible to learn something from watching most people dance. But then, is this the same teacher who hated Lorna's previous workshop because she didn't teach combinations...?

    Perhaps your teacher should apply to perform and help us drive up the standard?

    We are approaching our dancer "recruitment" slightly differently next year, so there will always be a broad range of levels. This should mean that while you teacher would have to 'endure' some of the weaker or newer dancers every show, there will always be a number of very strong dancers in each show.

    Understand about the pink costume, there's a lady who's interested in buying it but I have my doubts about whether she will, so if not I will be back in April - give you a date to work to, hehehe?! Although I hope you are feeling better, weight loss from 'flu isn't exactly the healthy diet that is recommended for weight loss!

    I hope you enjoyed the workshops. I personally really enjoy Lorna's teaching style and always pick up quite a lot from her. However I'm very conscious that my views are very far from the majority in all cases!! We think she will be back next August (we need to check ramadan dates), if you can think of anything you would like her to cover next time let us know and we can discuss it with Lorna.

    Right, back to packing! I'm surrounded by boxes!! Still, it's somewhat easier when there's a country move involved - so much food has gone either to my neighbours or in the bin despite me trying to wind down the stocks, it's criminal. But I'm trying to get all my laundry done before I go, they don't use washing machines in India and they dry clothes over smokey fires, so I'm going to miss that freshly laundered smell for a while!

    Take care and stay in touch x

    E x
    Jen, there you, where ya been?! Noticed your posting on the 'who's who' of belly dance thread, you know she's at Saqarah this month & doing workshops if you're interested! I'm way too excited!
    Katie & I are on my sofa with our bodies slowly seizing up! Today was pretty tough, fast-paced and my brain collapsed at 4pm - but fab choreography! Hope the blisters were worth it though :) I forgot that it was after my first experience at a workshop with them that I started wearing shoes, now I remember why!
    Well, I think you picked a good'un! My voice of experience recommends that that you swat up on the song beforehand if you have it, it makes it much easier to learn what's already going to be a challenging choreography! But it's not all about the choreography, it's about understanding the music...hmmm I'm so looking forward to it!
    Oh Jen that's great news! Good for you!! It should be a good weekend, I take it you're staying in London again? Don't forget Saqarah will be in a different venue, near Euston! I'm going to be cream crackered by the time Monday rolls around!!
    Hello Jen,

    I noticed your booking, I'm thrilled you've booked the whole weekend. I am beyond excited, I'm like a little kid at christmas!

    I have a full house with both Lorna and Nafiseh staying in my 1 bed flat, otherwise I would offer to put you up for the night myself! I will see if I can find some good value places nearby to stay. As the evening venue is Liverpool street which is in the City and the city is dead at weekends, I bet we can find a good deal!

    Kind regards,

    E x
    Apology appreciated...unfortunately your comment couldn't have come at a worse time. My husband lost his job and I am sole income for our family now. The additional money raised by the sale of these decks is more important to us now than ever and your comment stopped the positive flow of conversation and orders too.
    There is quite a lot going on in this area. Plenty of classes to chose from, monthly workshops, three-monthly nightclub, a couple of haflas a year from one of my teachers. I do a class in Great Wakering (Southend) with one teacher, and a weekly class, occasional private lesson and monthly workshop (when I can) with another in Chelmsford/South Woodham.

    What's the workshop situation like up your way? Would love to do more if I could find them.

    Happy Christmas by the way!
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