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  • Repped! :D

    And thank you for liking my posts. I feel humbled, because I respect your knowledge very much, and value you as a friend. It means the world to me. :)
    Hi Kashmir great pic of you! btw I think you give good tips on fitness, and health I was reading a thread you posted I think the other day or yesterday. Many thanks hope you have a great summer :D
    Thanks for the rep! Just noticed it. Been loving your posts lately too <3
    Hi Kashmir!
    I just want to say thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of the world, both here at the forum and on your home pages!
    <3 <3 <3
    thanks for the virtual rep! I'm glad the tarab comment resonated with at least a couple of people :)
    Hi Angela, glad you've found a class that suits - currently mad here rehearsing for show in May. Sorry, no Tribal here at all.

    Good luck,
    Hi there Judith! How are you doing? Haven't had the chance to take some sessions in your school. I'm doing some volunteer teaching work in a special needs school in Merivale. And finally I'm enrolled in bellydance on Saturdays but in SCBD which is the most convenient from home. Do you know of any 3-tiered black tribal skirt for sale at an affordable price? Or any that is for rent for 2 days? I'll wash it after. Need it for hafla (if ever I can keep up with learning tribal, hehe). Have a gorgeous day! Cheers :)
    Kashmir, thank you for such a beautiful, enlightening and truly worthwhile belly dance class last night! Although the traffic at that time was horrible on the way to your school, I have no regrets at all. Your session was incredibly informative and I learned so much about real BD, the moves and the explanations behind the moves, what muscles to use, etc. Would you believe I didn't know all those until I attended your class! :D Loved the music, moves, everything you taught us, and also that exquisite choreography in the end! Hope I can attend more of your classes or activities once in a while. I am trying to convince Graham to join me in BD. Would be good for his lower back. See you around, Kashmir! Cheers! ;)
    Hi Kashmir! Will be attending a belly dance class in your school tomorrow, that is if nothing bad (Graham's schedule) comes up because he'll be the one driving me. What is the exact location of your South Brighton school? Thank you, Kashmir. I'm so excited! :D
    Hi there! I'm Angela from the Philippines and I heard impressive things about your school from Bronnie. Hopefully, if I am in Christchurch before Christmas, I'll try belly dancing in your school. See you! :)
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