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  • Hi Kashmira, Thanks so much for the friend request. It's nice to meet you and welcome!
    Hello Kashmira,
    Wow, you have been dancing for a wonderfully long time. I began dancing about the same age as you, I'm now nearly 37 so I have been dancing for a while now too.
    Well welcome to this forum. It's a great place to be. So many wonderful, giving dancers here.
    Well lovely to meet you.
    (I love your piece in your info about yourself, 'I'v had my share of the rat race- easy living')
    It's the only way to live your life isn't it. Who wants to be stressed all the time. Not me.
    Easy living rules!!!
    Smiles to you.
    Lotus Dancer
    Dear Kashmira, I have added you to my Friends List as requested, and I hope you will add me to your's.
    Hello everyone,
    I'd love to join your forum. I love to belly dance and would like to learn from you and find out places to order costumes and patterns from. I am really looking to purchase some excellent costumes from India or Egypt, somewhere overseas that costs less than here in the states.
    I'm glad to be a part of your group. I will enjoy talking to you.
    Peace, Kashmira
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