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  • That is great! Face painting sounds like fun. It is good to keep busy. My pregnant friends premie daughter just turned 3 years old so she is not yet attending school. She really is developing great, considering being premature. Complete normal development. But she has two very loving parents who would do anything for her...That is great for your daughter starting school late. I think it definately gives them that time to grow and mature and it gives them the edge over other students.

    My son is very supportive of my dancing. Thank goodness for loving family members.

    I am glad you are having awesome weather.

    I live in northern Minnesota, so the weather is not that nice...lol The Dakota's just got 40 inches of snow dumped on them. It has been raining non-stop here for about 4 days now...No sun:( lol The rain is supposed to change over to snow sometime late tonight into tomorrow. I am not certain what the latest forecast says.

    Well...I really had a bad day at work, so I am going to go crash on the couch and watch House Hunters on television.

    It is great writing back and forth with someone with similiar likes. I hope your day is good. Hugs to you:)
    Yes Children certainly are 'Miracles' to be treasured!!! (I'm facepainting at our local show this weekend so I'm sure there'll be lot's of Happy little Miracles running around.)
    Shyhan was born at nearly 30 weeks. But was a fighter from day 1. (still is.) Your friend would have had a traumatic time with her 'little' bundle. I'm sure all is going well now. My daughter started school a year later than her peers, but is thriving now, and would have struggled any earlier.
    Is your friends little one at school yet? Sometimes when there prem, they need that extra year to do some catching up. (and boy do they catch up) It's amazing really.
    So you have a 20 year old son. What does he think of your dancing? Many of the Ladies in my Troop have teenage/adult sons and they attend alot of our functions/ demo's/ Hafla's... it's great to see them supporting there mums.
    How's the weather?
    It's been lovely here, about 24- 26 degrees. Although we need the rain...
    we've been without it for so long, the farmers are really struggling. We haven't had solid rain for about 7 years now, so things are really dry.
    Will sign off now.
    Lotus Dancer.
    That's Great News! I am so pleased to hear such a wonderful result with your hubby.
    Yes, it certainly was a difficult time in our lives too, I was a 1st time mum of a 3 month prem bub who was still in the neo natal unit 3 hours from home.
    My hubby's surgery was done in the same city, so I was able to be with him, whilst with bub. It was difficult....
    Nick is doing so well now, just keeps on top of things with massage, chiro etc... he really has it down to a fine art. ( I keep telling him to swim as I believe it's very good for you're back, but he doesn't enjoy it...so won't do it males??????????)
    And Our little girl is now a big girl who is nearly 8.
    So Life is Great!!! And it does get back to normal.
    I got back to dance and so will YOU!!! Actually what's stopping you? Go turn the music on now girl....
    I Have just read in a post that you're husband has just had major back surgery. My husband had 2 back operations.
    It's incredibly hard for them. (and extremely painful too) My husband lived on painkillers for almost a year. Now does not need any medication, just a massage and chiro every couple of weeks.
    I hope all went well. (be patient.)
    My husband was like a caged tiger, just wanted to be outside (and sometimes I wanted to throw him out there) hee hee

    So are you back dancing? I hope so.
    Must sign off now.
    Lotus Dancer.
    I did make it to MN and it was beautiful. I would like to go back sometime and spend a couple of weeks wandering up the Mississippi and through the lake country. Alkl I really saw was along the freeway on the southern part of the state, but I loved it. Shanazel
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