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  • Thank you so much. I'm sure you are more graceful and innovative than you think you are. I still don't think I'm good. I'm also my own worst critic. Do you have a YouTube channel?
    Thanks onela! The curls are just the way it's fixed...the natural texture is the layer underneath/around the curls...almost but not quite straight :)
    Hey LadyLoba! Sorry for my delayed reply, I was out of the country then felt like a balloon with all the air let out of it. Thank you for your kind words, you're a right love and I'm dead jealous of your curls in your pic!
    Hello Lady Loba!!! I love your kitty picture album.

    P.S you exude awesomeness. :p
    Hehe! You just haven't found the right type of poetry. I struggled with poetry for a very, very long time. I just did not get the stuff about meter and all that. The best poetry comes from the soul and doesn't bother with meter. It comes naturally. Modern Minimalism is mostly the type of poetry I write and is fairly new. It's a new spin on traditional minimalism and I can crank upwards of ten to fifteen poems a day. LOL... sorry I tend to ramble. Writing is my one true passion and I could talk about it all day every day - but they don't call 'em starving artists for nothing! The fiction and poetry game is hard to break into. Getting paid for your work is harder than anyone can guess. Thus, off to school I go. Trying to make a living while pursuing my passion.
    I'm going to try for the local University - a normal "brick and mortar" place. When I go for more specialized classes, I may have to travel to WVU (West Virginia University) or Marshall University, but to start with I'm shooting for Concord U. I can get most of the classes I need there without having to travel quite so much. :) Oh, and thank you for your offer to tutor! I think I'll be okay with English and Language arts (I am a writer after all) but I will definitely take you up on the psych help when I need it. I appreciate the offer more than you can know. :)
    You are SOO welcome!! I'm sorry I didn't see that you were into Tribal Fusion -- for that I would recommend a good grounding in Fat Chance Bellydance dvds. But I still stand by Leila's and Ranya's for a good solid base on movement and musicality. I'm glad to help :) Feel free to PM anytime if you have other questions. If there's one thing I like more than dancing it's TALKING about dancing - lol!! HUGS!
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