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  • Dubai win when wonderful dancer like u go their . Cairo loss a lot , why u don't come back in Cairo work here is good looking for a belly dance performace for my event on new years nite...please contact me if you could be of any help...i would be grateful..thanks
    Alo ya gamila !!! many kisses from Greece !! ty for being so positive and giving to all !! xoxoxo
    THANK YOU! I ALSO very nice meeting you! VPCÊ is very nice! And as they say in Brazil: a big hug!
    THANK YOU! Yes I have facebook, let me look, I also orkut, here in Brazil orkut is used, you have?
    Lyddie - you are just a ray of sunshine; i hope you rub off on everyone on this forum - we need it right now! I don't know what's happening here; it makes me so sad. :(
    I haven't been back on the forum a lot until about a month ago, Lydia, so I know what you mean. And I'm sorry to hear you were so sick. Please take good care of yourself. We need the peacemakers more than the combative ones! You help keep feisty people like me grounded, There is too much misunderstanding and touchiness and anger right now, but if we don't feed into it, maybe it will die down. Namaste.
    Lydia, I was going to give you Rep for making me laugh so hard, but I can't do it yet! You are so funny and so sweet.
    Hello Lydia this is Peewee from Philippines. I saw that you have classes at the Ballet Center in Dubai. Where is it exactly and how much if I join your intermediate or advance class? My cellphone number is 0503746207. (Oh and do we need to bring any props with us to the class - what are you teaching in those classes now?) Sorry for all the questions but I really am looking forward to it...
    Sorry to hear about your back Lyddie! I hope you get well and back in bedleh very soon!
    Thanks for the message Lydia - unfortunately she doesn't want me to do it without her so now i have to try to come up with a new concept and implement it at the last minute.
    Lyddie...i'm in a fix...a dancer had a great idea for wbd, but she wants to do it AFTER wbd. I was telling her that we could do a small scale version of her idea in time for wbd because it's so beautiful and fits so well with the cause. Now she doesn't want me to develop her idea at all. I'm so disappointed, I don't understand why it's such a problem to her - it won't take away anything from her event after! =(
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