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  • Hi Mark. How do you find I have your photos!!:shok:

    Yes, I took your photos last year at JeBon when Kaeshi held all male dancers night there. I have some of your photos, but please give me some time to edit your pics.

    I think I have your business card, but please let me know where can I send your pics. I mean your best mail address.

    When do you have performance in NYC again?
    I'm sorry, I was reading in the "Arabic Eyes" make-up posts, and saw you, so I came here to check out your profile, and I have to say, I LOVE your "About Me"! rofl, f***in' hysterical! wa bidi a3ish kmaaaaaan! lol
    Heh! I remember reading an interview with Peter O'Toole in which he said he loved playing Lawrence as wearing the Arab men's clothes gave him the horn!
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