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  • hi! I just saw this -- sorry! I'm glad some of my scrawlings were helpful to you! I believe that labeling helps us to understand what we're looking at, and helps us actually "break the rules" in a more artistic way :) Anyway, thanks for your message and I'm glad you found my comments useful! :)
    Hi! Are you taking Kaeshi's class? Which day are you taking? Because I take her class also. I usually take Monday's both Level 1 & 2 classes, but some times I switch to other days depends on the subject the topic in the cycle. Maybe we take the same class! Do you take any other teachers? My main teacher is Tarik, but I also take Kaeshi and a couple of other teachers when my schedule is matched to others. It's a small world!
    Hi there, Thanks for the comment regarding my 2 kitty-cats. They are very sweet and spoilt, they think they are 4 legged humans.
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