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  • Just wanted to let you know that I am a big fan of your videos on YouTube. Your a big inspiration for me and I love your style. You always look like your having fun. I love your attitude and open-mindedness. My current instructor has much of the same attitude towards the dance.
    I just wanted to let you know, that I started a belly dance class yesterday thanks to you! I stumbled upon your improv video to Habibi Ya Albi, and I thought it was so beautiful and fascinating that I watched about another 100 belly dance videos over the last month! My first class was a blast... so, THANKS for the inspiration! :)
    Let me just say that I am one of your biggest "fans" on here! :D Honestly, you are one of my personal favorite dancers. I've read several of your threads and posts on the forums and absolutely I love your whole attitude about belly dancing in general. You seem to have this very open-minded, "to each their own" attitude about it that many others don't share.
    I never forgot how you backed me up on my thread about "Offensive comments said about self-taught belly dancers". I really appreciate that and I couldn't believe that I never properly thanked you.
    I love your style too. I've seen several of your performances on youtube (I hope that's okay) and I just ADORE the energy and passion you have when you dance. Your costumes are always stunning and I personally envy your goddess-like figure (please do not try to deny it :p)
    I just wanted to say thank you for your kind words and good luck to any future performances.
    Take care!
    My grandparents are from there around the Morant Bay area, and moved to Antigua then St. Croix. But I still visit the caribbean a ton :D
    I love your fusion of Caribbean dance and bellydance... But I'm biased!
    Which part of Jamaica are you from?
    Hi, new to the forum. I'm a HUUUUGE fan of your Youtube videos, sent you a Facebook friend request (from Sarah Jordan). Won't be offended if you say no!
    ARRRGH!!! :wall: Another forum friend I haven't sent a friend request to! :doh: I'm sorry! :( I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. See you here and on Facebook. :)
    Your so amazing!!! You dance "the dance of joy". Thank you for accepting me. :)
    Hey there, I'm in Ky with a bunch of young Arabians I bred and hope to do endurance with. I'm just getting into BD, starting with DVDs and the internet. I like the look of the full skirts--Turkish? I liked the pastel costume you started a thread about, not sure about the star appliques myself but liked the rest of it a lot. Good luck.

    Dance, horses, cats, writing, dance, horses, cats , writing, rinse and repeat;)

    You can say the same mantra for me, except add fiber art and motorcycles. ;) Do you have horses and cats? Last count we had 8 house cats, 3 dogs, 2 barn cats and 2 horses; however my daughter plans to pick up a third horse on Thursday- just what we need.
    Always lovely to meet another dancer that loves full skirts, and fusion! Not to mention Canada. :)
    hi vega, i am jackie. i am nigerian origin. thats a beautiful pic of you. me n my friends like watching ur belly dance.
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