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  • Hi Moon, I'm sorry you got such a crappy return to the forum. I was so glad to see you back and hope you will stay on. Seriously, I now see where you are coming from and thank's for standing up for your opinion and explaining yourself. I hope you understand my opinion too.
    See you around?
    Thanks for the warning Mya, I'm afraid I might have seen it a little too late but oh well, I expect they will completely ignore my post, or talk behind my back in Arabic, or say something in English which I will probably pretend to not have noticed.
    I just really don't understand people who come to an international place, then the first thing they do is find people from their own country or a country who speaks the same language and talk with them in private. *sigh* Can't they just send each other pm's? :rolleyes:
    Watch out Moon - things have been INSANE on this forum recently with people flipping out and calling others all sorts of horrible names and things because of misunderstandings and assuming to know the motives of others' posts.

    You're sweet and i don't want anyone to trip out on you because you're asking a question about something sensitive that was discussed before in your absence!
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