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  • You know...sometimes I like looking at the deleted spam threads mod comments just because your comments make me laugh my ass off!!!
    that's a shame, I was waiting a year for the local community centre here to start a class which they kept advertising but like you, they didnt have enough interest and so kept cancelling it. But I found my regular class now so its no biggie.

    When do you shift this side of town?
    Shimmy by the bay, at springers leisure centre and I did a few classes with desert flowers as it was walking distance. But mainly it's with shimmy. And u? Teach, learning?
    I would never say you are lazy... nope... not me! More likely, busier than a woodpecker in a petrified forest, but only half as frustrated, I should think.;)
    My goodness, two 'likes' from same individual, same day, same thread. Thanks, again. Gosh, all I'm doing is just saying it the way I see it. I must be doing something right.
    Wow... Another 'like'. Thanks! BTW, should we be meeting like this? Somebody might get suspicious. ;):lol:
    *hehehe* I see one of guys you zapped yesterday is logged in again, probably trying to post more doo-doo. That's actually kind of neat, they can log in, but can't do anything. BTW, thanks for the 2nd 'like' in as many days. I just try to tell it like it is.:cool:
    The pleasure is mine as well, Mosaic. :) You are doing a great job as a super moderator, and the way you add emoticons and pics in your posts make me smile every time.
    And while I'm at it, thank you very much for repping me too. <3
    Thanks Mosaic. You're #1. The Shakira deal kept coming back to bug me on an hourly basis. I hate to see people walking into the same pitfall that I walked into once.
    Mosaic......I want to talk to you about monster trucks!

    RC = remote control. 1/16 means one-sixteenth of actual size. The guy from California was talking about models, not real helicopters and monster trucks. It has become quite a hobby in recent years. I'd probably dabble with it myself if I had the money and the time. As to how it relates to belly dance or ME music......I'm afraid I don't know either.

    I meant to send you this earlier but then the whole web site went down for repairs. At least this was stuff that I have an understanding of. If his descriptions went over your head, well now you know how I feel when belly dancers discuss their hip drops and shimmies. It leaves me spinning. I want to thank you again for your kindness and toleration of me on this forum. You are a good person.
    Do you notice that all the spammers seem to post in the video thread when I'm asleep and your wake? HAHA!
    Thank you! You're the same way, too, always so patient, gentle, and understanding, even with people who may rub others the wrong way. :)
    When dancers with good taste wear what makes them feel beautiful, they ARE beautiful! Wear your glittery blue eye shadow with pride!
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