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  • Hi Dear!!! Haha I always discover these visitor messages waaay too late. Thank you so so so much for the sweet message and yes, at some point we do need technique, but 'the real deal' is also something to treasure ;) Nice meeting you too (but we see eahother often on FB anyway)!
    yes shes very talented, she looks amazing to. Yassmin almost has a Haifa Wehbe kind of body, and she knows how to show it of haha. wow. I favorited a few of her vids, on your tube ;)
    awww, thank you! :redface: But if you met me in person, you soooo wouldn't be intimidated---I'm just a little squirt who's a big nerd at heart! :D *hugs*
    Thanks for your sweet visitor message. I believe it is important to make people feel welcome when coming into a new place, whether it be your home/neighbourhood or 'cyber space home'. Sometimes we get too busy to remember what it is like being new anywhere, so a smile and a welcome goes a long way. I know I always feel more relaxed if I receive a welcome to new places:Dxx
    Thank you for the friend invitation. What a lovely, romantic picture on your profile!
    Thank you very much for the friend request, and just in case I haven't said so yet, welcome to the forum! :D
    Thanks :) I think your black hair really suits you. Red is a difficult color, it doesn't suit everybody. I used to have my hair black, but it wasn't so nice on me, dark brown still works though. Oh and blond is awful on me LOL.
    I see your looking for a belly dance teacher, by what you said to Bonfire. :) hope you find a good one, im sure you will make an amazing belly dancer, you have dance expirence, and the perfect look for it My inspiration..I would say Samia Gamal for vintige inspiration then sadie, genieshanu, and Azza. Whos your inspiration?
    Yes! I love all of it to.anything from the far east! Haha But im into some European music as well. Im from The USA..ohio to be exact. Where you from? Are you a professional dancer or a student?
    Hey Punko, nice to meet you thanks for the request! I see your into both bollywood and belly dance, to
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