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  • I m learning the Egyptian form.:) . the most recent choreography i learnt was a 'shaabi'.. but i like drum solos the best.. with lots of shimmies.. :D
    ya belly love i thought someone that requested me fb was you because of the profile pic
    No, I actually don't have facebook. I know, I know, I'm way behind the times! One of these days... and when I do I will friend you :)
    Hi, Rania, thank you very much for the friend request on Facebook. :) I thought I would return your graciousness by friend requesting you here. Have a wonderful week, and see you here, and on FB! ^^
    Yes!! Thats her, she's such a woman!! She has better performances out there. I want to know what these Russian women are eating and drinking, I want some... lol
    Aw, thank you, Rania! I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to do something like this. It was a lot of fun, and it gave me the chance to get to know some of my dance sisters in our troupe a bit better. :)
    Awe thank you!!! I've decided on a teacher and hopefully shes as nice as I think she is,no doubt she is talented. :) My inspiration was this random woman at a Palestinian wedding, the way she moved and carried herself was so elegant to me. At the time she seemed like a Goddess, I was 8. Now I'm very much inspired by Russian Dancers like Yasmin, Wow does that woman have a body and elegance. Check her out on Youtube when you get a chance.
    I was born in Pakistan, horrible I know LOL!!! My mom is Afghan and my fathers Persian, but for some odd reason I grew up watching hindi movies and speaking hindi. Now I live in Whiting Indiana. :) I don't hold professional status yet. I've been dancing all my life but never had the courage to ask my parents to support me, but now I'm an adult and I can finally make decisions. I enjoy dancing too much to do anything else. I'm forever a student to this art form. :p Heres a question for you!!!! Who is your inspiration?
    Hi Rania,

    I've been dancing for about 13 years and have a small troupe here in southwest Ohio. We actually have troupe rehearsals in a barn :)) I'm sure I've been in workshops and have seen some performances by the dancers you mentioned. Do you know of Shakira in Columbus or Kira in Dayton?
    I hope I'm sending a reply correctly. Yes I am into bollywood as well as belly dance. I'm super duper multicultured. Paki, Afghan, Indian, Persian and more often than not ...a hillbilly. LOL!! Where are you from?
    Thank you, Rania! ^^ I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to go with my troupe sisters. Their photos will be posted on Facebook shortly after tomorrow! :D
    Hi Rania,

    I'm in Ohio too..near Cincinnati. How long have you been dancing?
    It lasts till it grows out! So it doesn't fade like normal hair dyes :) and you can adjust the color how dark or light you want it. Plus it gives a nice gloss!
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