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  • I have heard of Kira! but not Shakira from Columbus. Barn belly dancing, huh? sound fun haha. If you know of any vid on you tube I would love to see who your talking about :)
    Yep Im an ohio girl ;) I attended my first belly dance class 7 years ago. Went a few months and started 3 years later, stoped again and returned a year later..I would say that I have 8-10 month expirence. Im a newbie. Do you happen to know Sherena/Heather, Angela Prato, Ameera/Brit, Leyla Sohail, or Maria Parson? How long you been belly dancing?
    Ah thats cool. I'm really wanting to go to the workshop in July with Leila Gamal, but I don't know if I can convince mom to take me. (don't have my license yet, or a car. >.<) I hope so though, I think it would be really fun.
    Hi there, thanks for the tips on places to buy online. Actually, I don't suppose I'm very far from you, I'm north of Cincinnati and in the fall, I plan on starting lessons at Kira's Oasis in Dayton area, when I start school there. ^^
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